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Traditional Bowhunter Magazine

Home | Meet The Folks | R. Blacky Schwarz

R. Blacky Schwarz

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Rainier "Blacky" Schwarz is a self-employed consultant and freelance writer who lives close to Heidelberg, Germany with his wife Danny.

They share a passion for the outdoors, especially bowhunting, which is illegal in Germany. Blacky and Danny bowhunt mostly in the US, where they belong to numerous bowhunting organizations including the PBS. Blacky writes bow reviews and articles for German and African magazines as well. He can be reached at

Articles by R. Blacky Schwarz
Issue Article
Feb/Mar 05 Traditional Bow Review
Diamond TD Series from Tomahawk Bows
Apr/May 05 Traditional Bow Review
Shawnee TD by Morrison Archery
Jun/Jul 05 Traditional Bow Review
Black Widow Custom Bows PSR-V Recurve
Aug/Sep 05 Traditional Bow Review
MOAB Longbow from Thunderstick Archery
Oct/Nov 05 Traditional Bow Review
Silver Fox TD Longbow from Cari-Bow Archery
Dec/Jan 06 Traditional Bow Review
Stalker Recurve from Fedora Custom Bows
Feb/Mar 06 Traditional Bow Review
Kingfisher Recurve Bow from Hummingbird Custom Bows
Apr/May 06 Traditional Bow Review
Custom Classic T/D Recurve from Predator Custom Bows
Jun/Jul 06 Traditional Bow Review
Whip Custom R/D Longbow from Toelke Traditional Archery
Aug/Sep 06 Traditional Bow Review
Ghost Recurve from Great Northern Bowhunting Company
Oct/Nov 06 Traditional Bow Review
Puma Hunter recurve bow from Rose Oak Creations
Dec/Jan 07 Traditional Bow Review
Brush Bow t/d longbow from Horne's Archery
Feb/Mar 07 Traditional Bow Review
Hunter Bicentennial Elite recurve from Bob Lee Archery
Apr/May 07 Traditional Bow Review
Bushwacker Longbow from Dryad Bows
Jun/Jul 07 Traditional Bow Review
ACS-CX T/D Longbow from A&H Archery, LLC
Aug/Sep 07 Traditional Bow Review
FireHawk Longbow from Rodney Wright Archery
Oct/Nov 07 Traditional Bow Review
SR Swift T/D Recurve by Great Plains Traditional Bow Co.
Dec/Jan 08 Traditional Bow Review
Stinger Longbow from Striker Archery
Feb/Mar 08 Traditional Bow Review
Traditional T/D Longbow by Great Northern Bowhunting Co.
Apr/May 08 Traditional Bow Review
PA X Recurve bow from Black Widow Custom Bows
Aug/Sep 08 Traditional Bow Review
Takedown hybrid from Black Swan Archery
Oct/Nov 08 Traditional Bow Review
Hayestani TD Longbow from Lewis Hollow Archery
Dec/Jan 09 Traditional Bow Review
Dalaa TD Recurve from DAS Kinetic/3Rivers Archery
Feb/Mar 09 Traditional Bow Review
Traditional Slam T/D Recurve from Palmer Bow Company
Apr/May 09 Traditional Bow Review
Prairie Swift Recurve-Kota Bowhunting Company
Jun/Jul 09 Traditional Bow Review
Titan TD Recurve from TradTech Archery
Aug/Sep 09 Traditional Bow Review
Sheepeater Spirit Recurve from Black Mountain Bows
Oct/Nov 09 Traditional Bow Review
Carbon Elite Longbow from Centaur Archery
Dec/Jan 10 Traditional Bow Review
Raven Longbow from BearPaw Products & Kustom King Archery
Feb/Mar 10 Traditional Bow Review
Orion Takedown Recurve from Dryad Bows, Inc.
Apr/May 10 Traditional Bow Review
Sinew-backed "Hunter" Selfbow from Owl Bows
Jun/Jul 10 Traditional Bow Review
Three-Piece T/D Longbow from Grizzly Bows, LLC
Aug/Sep 10 Traditional Bow Review
Custom Longbow from St. Joe River Bows
Oct/Nov 10 Traditional Bow Review
Hawk TD Recurve from Sky Archery
Feb/Mar 11 Traditional Bow Review
Blackhawk T/D Recurve from Avian Bows
Apr/May 11 Traditional Bow Review
K-2 Take-down Hybrid Longbow from Hill Country Bows
Jun/Jul 11 Traditional Bow Review
Black Onyx ILF from TradTech Archery
Aug/Sep 11 Traditional Bow Review
Bear Custom Kodiak Takedown Recurve from Bear Archery
Oct/Nov 11 Traditional Bow Review
GrizzlyStick Quarbon Nano Longbow by Win&Win Archery for Alaska Bowhunting Supply
Apr/May 12 Traditional Bow Review
Fred Eichler Signature Series Buffalo Takedown Recurve from Hoyt Archery
Jun/Jul 12 Traditional Bow Review
Osprey Longbow from Holm-Made Traditional Bows
Aug/Sep 12 Traditional Bow Review
Three Bows for the Young Traditional Shooters