G. Fred Asbell

G. Fred Asbell

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I began shooting a bow and arrow and bowhunting in about 1961 in central Indiana.

There weren't very many bow shooters or bowhunters back then, and even fewer deer, and what information you could find on shooting or hunting with the bow was extremely limited and was, for the most part, adapted from whatever was known about hunting with firearms. I wanted to know more, but it was hard to come up with information. Most articles were written by outdoor gun writers who saw the opportunity to make a few bucks writing about a new sport. I sold my first article to a bowhunting magazine in 1971, and have been at it ever since. I started writing articles because there were things that I thought some of the bowhunters I'd met needed to know; things like how to sharpen broadheads and knives, successful whitetail tactics, and the importance of physical conditioning, and accurate shooting…which are, ironically, still important topics today.

Since then I've written about bowhunting most North American animals and have been fortunate enough to see most of the United States, Canada and parts of Africa, and some of Europe in the process. I've written three books, INSTINCTIVE SHOOTING; INSTINCTIVE SHOOTING II; and STALKING AND STILL-HUNTING; THE GROUND HUNTER'S BIBLE; and an instructional shooting video, also named INSTINCTIVE SHOOTING.

I've always been involved in bowhunting organizations at all levels, from local and state, to national, serving as president of the Pope and Young Club for 18 years, and currently serving as president of Compton Traditional Bowhunters. From 1977 to 1991 I built custom traditional bows as Bighorn Bowhunting Company in Colorado. For several years Bighorn was the only traditional bow company advertising in the national media. I've never owned or hunted with a compound bow. .

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