Just Launched. New Ashby Lethality Forum on Tradbow.com

Robin Conrads
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David Petersen has been the driving force behind getting Dr. Ashby's full and complete works published on Tradbow.com.

For many months Dave has been working to bring this information to us so that Tradbow.com member can find all the info and the discussion in one place. Dave is also a moderator for the new Ashby Arrow Lethality forum in the Campfire Forms on Tradbow.com.

Here is an excerpt from his opening post:

"Welcome to the first-ever bowhunting forum designed expressly for serious students and field-testers of the ongoing arrow-lethality research conducted by Dr. Ed Ashby. The "Ashby Arrow Lethality Forum" consists of four working parts:

1) Ashby Research Library: Containing the complete and unabridged archives of Dr. Ashby's research reports and updates through 2007, the most recent. As future reports and updates become available, they too will be added. This resource is for serious students of arrow lethality who don't flinch at complex math and engineering concepts and terms, charts, graphs and more.

2) Traditional Bowhunter Magazine Arrow Lethality Archives: Containing all Ashby-influenced arrow lethality articles ever to appear in the magazine, written by Dr. Ashby and others. These articles generally examine one Ashby arrow lethality concept at a time -- say, overall arrow system weight, or the Tanto tip -- providing hands-on useful detail without mind-twisting technical jargon.

3) Easy FoC calculator for the complete idiot: Ed designed this helpful tool after I requested a FoC calculation method "even I can understand." Then, bless him, he dumbed it down additionally when I still didn't get it. The result is a joyfully easy way to calculate FoC for any arrow length/weight combination, any shaft material, in just seconds, with no math necessary!

4) Arrow Lethality discussion forum: Many of us have been frustrated by the closed-minded resistance encountered on other websites to the clear and undeniable progress in arrow lethality knowledge resulting from Ed Ashby's long-term field studies, in some cases displaying open hostility and bullying. That will not be the case on this forum!..."

To read the entire thread, log in and click Campfire Forums, Arrow Lethality Forum and Welcome! To begin reading Dr. Ashby's Reports, log in and click Ashby Library in the green menu bar.