The Passing of Warren Morey

By Jerry Morey
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On June 25, 2009 the traditional archery community lost one of its early members with the passing of Warren Morey at the tender age of 83.

Mr. Morey was involved in the sport and art of archery and bowhunting for 56 years, building bows and arrows since 1953. He finished his last one just last year. He and his lovely wife raised a family of five boys that have all grown to love archery, hunting and the great outdoors here in our home state of Michigan. Those of you that knew Warren will remember how he loved nothing more than to set in the woods on a crisp autumn morning and welcome the day as the sun broke through the leaves. When the hunting was over, it was time to huddle around the campfire and tell the tales of all the sights and sounds he saw and heard that day. My brothers and I will remember him this fall, as we set around this year's campfire, by retelling his stories and jokes and thinking how much we miss him. We will raise our glasses and say goodnight to him and be thankful that he was our Dad.