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Traditional Bowhunter Magazine

Home | Tip of the Week | Arm Strength Enhancers

Arm Strength Enhancers

By Deed Cimperman
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During the off season, or when shooting your bow isn't an option, you can strengthen your archery muscles using a simple tool that works for me. This arm strength enhancer is easy and economical to build, and fun to use. All you need is a 4" piece of fairly hefty PVC pipe, an 8" x 3" piece of leather, and something to provide strength resistance. I used slingshot natural latex rubber tubing on one, and a piece of Thera-band® on the other.

Thera-band® is a shortened form of physical therapy band. The bands come in various colors, based on the relative strength of the band, and you can buy any length you like. Mine is about 5 1/2" wide and is very thin. I got it at a Physical Therapy Clinic, and they are probably available in many other places. It costs about $1.00 per foot and will last for a very long time. The knot makes a comfortable handle. You can search the web for "latex rubber tubing" or call your local pharmacy. I make lots of slingshots so I adapted that idea for one of my devices. The resistance should be about the same as the draw weight of your bow to do the most good. I used leather for a handle on this one. A Thera-band® is a terrific piece of equipment that you can use to exercise many muscle groups, not just archery muscles. You can strengthen your "swing" muscles for tennis, golf or baseball. It can be attached to a tree, railing, doorknob, or just about anything handy. You are limited only by your own ingenuity.

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