Vanilla Cover Scent

By Jason Bunting, Turtlebunting
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Instead of spending your money on scent killers for deer hunting, people around here use vanilla extract. Some use half water and half vanilla. I prefer to just use it straight. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it on your clothes. Make sure you get the stuff without alcohol, I think its imitation vanilla. A lot people in Southern IL use this but I meet people from other states that have never heard of it.

Editor's Note: I researched this a little bit after Turtlebunting sent me the tip. Seems it has been around for a long time but there are lots of opinions on the subject. Be cautious if you have bee allergies. Some folks dilute the vanilla in a 10:1 ratio (10 parts water to one part vanilla). Some say 4:1 is the right mix. One guy says spray your boots, another puts the vanilla on cotton balls in a film canister. Some swear by it and a few say it spooked the deer. One guy had to stop using it because it always made him hungry. As with all tips in this newsletter, do your own research and experiment to see what works for you.