Dr. Ed Ashby's Arrow Lethality Study

Read all the articles and research data that Dr. Ashby has gathered over many years of studying arrow penetration.

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Forward of Center (FoC) Chart
Dr. Ed Ashby
The chart to determine what percentage of your arrow weight is forward of center. keep reading

Ashby Articles as run in Traditional Bowhunter Magazine
Read all the articles we have run on Arrow Lethality, Dr. Ashby's work and David Petersen's interviews of Dr. Ashby keep reading

Arrow Lethality, Introduction, The Need for Knowledge
Dr. Ed Ashby
Volumes of data on terminal ballistics (what happens from the moment of impact) have been written for every conceivable rifle/bullet combination in existence. Very little such information exist for archery equipment. keep reading

Arrow Lethality II, Broadheads - The Natal Study
Dr. Ed Ashby
This second article in the series present a synopsis of the data from the broadhead evaluation of the Natal Study and some of the associated information that surfaced during that Study. keep reading

Arrow Lethality III, Turning "Hits" into "Kills"
Dr. Ed Ashby
The hit looked good. After a short wait, the blind was abandoned and the blood trail located. Drop by drop the trail was followed, but the trophy was never found. keep reading

Arrow Lethality IV, The Physics of Arrow Penetration
Dr. Ed Ashby
Kinetic energy, momentum, mechanical advantage and coefficient of resistance are a part of the basic terminology of physics. All are used, and often misused, in attempts to predict terminal performance of various bow, arrow and broadhead combinations. keep reading

Arrow Lethality V, Predicting Arrow Penetration on Real Animals
Dr. Ed Ashby
Is there a way to predict, not infallibly, but with a high degree of reliability, the ability of a particular bow/arrow/broadhead combination to penetrate real animal tissue (hide, meat, fat, connective tissue, etc., and bone) under real hunting conditions? keep reading

Momentum, Kinetic Energy, and Arrow Penetration (And What They Mean for the Bowhunter)
Dr. Ed Ashby
To understand the relationship between an arrow's kinetic energy, its momentum, and their implications towards the ability of a hunting arrow torely on the laws of physics. keep reading

2004 Broadhead & Arrow Lethality Study Update, Part I
Dr. Ed Ashby
The new broadhead/arrow lethality study has been underway for a little over one year. Significant progress has been made. This report is an update of the study's status, and presents early information obtained during testing on feral Asian Buffalo.. keep reading

2004 Broadhead & Arrow Lethality Study Update, Part II
Dr. Ed Ashby
In this part, we will look at initial data relative to arrow shafting, shot placement, shooting angles and some ancillary test data relevant to the skip angles of broadheads on buffalo ribs, as well as some comments and observations regarding arrow impact force and penetration. keep reading

2005 Broadhead & Arrow Lethality Study Update, Part I
Dr. Ed Ashby
There is a great deal of information to sift through. Presentation of the current information represents only a snapshot of the highlights, yet its presentation will require division into several articles. keep reading

2005 Broadhead & Arrow Lethality Study Update, Part II, Weight Forward of Center
Dr. Ed Ashby
Focal studies to evaluate the effects of an arrow's FOC on arrow penetration in animal tissue yielded information of significance. keep reading

2005 Broadhead & Arrow Lethality Study Update, Part III, Broadhead Performance Update
Dr. Ed Ashby
A number of broadheads await completion of testing, but some laudable performers have completed testing. Several performed well enough for inclusion as "best quality broadheads" for heavy game/heavy bone; with some being potential contenders for the "best of the best" category. keep reading

2005 Broadhead & Arrow Lethality Study Update, Part IV, Buffalo Arrows
Dr. Ed Ashby
Extreme FOC arrows, which appear to require carbon shafting, may radically alter the parameters of heavy game arrows in the future, but current data is insufficient to define the boundaries. Performance with conventionally weighted arrows is defined with more certainty. keep reading

2005 Broadhead & Arrow Lethality Study Update, Part V, Summary Overview: Trends, Tendencies, FAQ's and Comments.
Dr. Ed Ashby
Rigid broadheads averaged 24% more penetration than modular broadheads, and 56% more than mechanical broadheads. keep reading

Prologue to the 2007 Updates Understanding FOC
Dr. Ed Ashby
In the aftermath of the last series of Study Updates many questions were received regarding arrow FOC. There's no doubt significant interest in FOC exist, as well as much confusion. What is FOC; what does FOC do; how much FOC is needed; how and why does FOC affect tissue penetration; and what method of measuring FOC is "correct"? keep reading

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