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Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine has a bigger online presence.

Since 1989 Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine has been the leader in bringing archers all the hunting stories, how-to's and advertisers that traditionalists want to see. It is a family of folks who love the outdoors, share that enjoyment with others and basically live a lifestyle where hunting with stick and string is more than just a hobby.

Now, in the digital age, we are adding another dimension to the already popular print magazine. Here you will find lots of news, events, discussions and images for no charge. We only ask that you support the advertisers that you see listed on these pages. Many of them are friends and support their families by working in a field related to their passion--traditional bowhunting.

The Premium Membership is offered for those who want a little more. The cost is $20.00 (US) per year and provides access to digital copies of the current issue of Traditional Bowhunter. Read it anywhere you have online access. See what everyone is talking about before print copies arrive through the mail. (A print copy is NOT included with online memberships.) In addition to the current issue, a Premium Member will also have digital access to all the sold out issues of Traditional Bowhunter. If you have ever tried to buy one of these you know they are hard to find and would cost you more than $20. Now you can read all of those sold out magazines.

So come back often and see what is new at Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine. Make this your homepage, visit with your friends and make some new ones. And please, let us know what you think of the site. Welcome to the campfire!

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