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Traditional Bowhunter Magazine

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Feature Articles

Find the latest feature articles here!

We generally post new articles every few weeks, and most of them can be found right here. Click on any headline below to find the full article. Some may be from past or future issues, and some might be just published here on the site.

And be sure to click the 'view more articles' link at the bottom of the page to read articles you may have missed.

The SS Money Pit
By Randy King
The SS Money Pit is a cheap boat. It is a grand 16 feet long and has a whopping 10hp Mercury outboard strapped to the back of it. In every sense of the word it is a utilitarian boat . . . keep reading
This Land is Your Land
By E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.
This editorial was published in the Jun/Jul 2015 issue of Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine. Feel free to download th . . . keep reading
Angus and the Bushwhacker
By Gary Olsen
This title may conjure up images of some poor soul getting gunned down by a high smellin', low down, thievin' outlaw in some old western, but it's actually a bowhunting story. The characters bear . . . keep reading
Eight Simple Rules to Avoid Fights Between Wives and Their Bow-and-Arrow-Maker Husbands
By Ceci and John Borgeson
Since the beginning of the world, we wives of traditional bow-and-arrow-making husbands have had the eternal dilemma of them taking over the house. Where is the limit? The garage? The kitchen? What ha . . . keep reading
Aug/Sep 2015
Available through Oct 20, 2015
Aug/Sep 2015 Meet Norm Johnson of Blacktail Bows; Make Your Own Brain-Tanned Buckskin Quiver-Part 2; Three Mental Shooting Mistakes to Avoid; Hunting--whitetail, pronghorn, brown bear, mountain goat and moose; and much more...

. . .
keep reading
Sunday Morning Buck
By Ryan W. Theiler
It was early in the Wisconsin bow season and I was hunting on my uncle's farm with a good friend of mine. We hunted Saturday, and were scouting the area on Sunday morning before heading back to sc . . . keep reading
A Late Afternoon Encounter in the Orchard
By Ted Currie
After lunch, I pondered my options for the afternoon. The dogs were stiff from this morning and had no real objection when I suggested that they stay on the futon. We had enjoyed several hours of . . . keep reading
Preserving The Traditional Ethic
By Anthony Triolo
There is currently a war raging in the heart of the environmental conservation movement, no guns just pens and policies. Like it or not, we traditional bow hunters are neck deep in the conflict. W . . . keep reading
On Deer and Goats: A Note on Ortega's Meditations
By Greg Clark
When I first started hunting, a friend told me a story about how, before the days of cell-phones and websites, hunters used to take their deer to check-in stations. As my friend was waiting for hi . . . keep reading
Bear Ham
By Randy King
Bears are like shadows in the forest--to quote a famous Idaho publication. They are cautious, shy, and seldom seen. Bears are omnivores of the highest order, preferring a patch of berries . . . keep reading
Jun/Jul 2015
Available through August 20, 2015
Jun/Jul 2015 Getting in Shape for Backcountry Bowhunting; The Evolution of the Zwickey Judo; Make Your Own Brain-Tanned Buckskin Quiver-Part 1; and much more...

. . .
keep reading
The Man You Used To Be
By Chris Oakley
Perhaps there was a time when you were a real serious hunter with the stickbow. Like most of us, you arranged and defined your year around hunting season: looking forward to that time, and prepari . . . keep reading
Wood Block Multi-Tool
By John Borgeson
Shall I bow down to a block of wood? Isaiah 44:19 I have made many cane arrows over the years, and I wanted a multipurpose tool to assist me in that endea . . . keep reading
Good Faith
By Ryan Theiler
The French existentialist Jean Paul Sartre wrote about what he called being in good faith. For Sartre freedom is a fundamental characteristic of our very being, hence we are responsible for . . . keep reading
Mountain Fit
By Chris Crowley
As the astute Benjamin Franklin noted, "Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other." You can let yourself believe you're in pretty good shape--maintaining that belief . . . keep reading
Mistaken Identity
By Bill Carman
I enjoy "freestyle" bowhunting. Several years ago I got tired of being tethered to specific stand locations and lock-on stands over food plots, funnels, and the like. I purchased a high quality, l . . . keep reading
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