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Feature Articles

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We generally post new articles every few weeks, and most of them can be found right here. Click on any headline below to find the full article. Some may be from past or future issues, and some might be just published here on the site.

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Jun/Jul 2014
Available through August 20, 2014
Jun/Jul 2014 Special Fred Bear/Bear Archery Issue! How to Sharpen Broadheads with a Belt Sander; Prevention and Treatment of Rotator Cuff Injuries; Hunting: mule deer, blackmails, hogs, small game and more. . . . keep reading
Larry Fischer vs. The Bastard
Larry Fischer
Read Larry's own words about his recent diagnosis, and subsequent fight, with pancreatic cancer. . . . keep reading
Bright Beginnings
By William Meyer
Not all good things start at the beginning, sometimes they start at the end. Though you could argue that it isn't possible, that it doesn't make sense, in this case it's precisely what happened. F . . . keep reading
The Wanderings of Bachelors
By Al Kidner
Interesting… It was as if the arrow was born there. Its footed end buried deep into the termite mound at the very same spot I had chosen…the spliced, and somewhat tattered fletching eclipsing the . . . keep reading
Apr/May 2014
Available through June 20, 2014
Apr/May 2014 Interview with Mike Brust of The North American Bowhunting Coalition, Tapering Wood Arrow Shafting, How to Make Gourmet Turkey Drumsticks, Bowhunting Sheepeater Country II. Hunting: turkey, black bear, mule deer, whitail, Red stag and small game, and lots more . . . keep reading
25th Anniversary Special
This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Traditional Bowhunter Magazine. We are very proud to ha . . . keep reading
Let's Go Get It
By Nick Viau
My world changed the moment my daughter was born. I followed her around the delivery room like Pac Man chasing those blinking ghosts, talking baby talk, and sounding like a total buffoon while doi . . . keep reading
I Felt Like A Bowhunter When I Felt Nothing At All
By Patrick Shannon
Like most bowhunters, I started out small; a hand-me-down recurve, a few scattered arrows, and limited knowledge passed down from my dad and an uncle. My dad was a traditional bowhunter, but back . . . keep reading
Feb/Mar 2014
Available through February 20, 2014
Feb/Mar 2014 Interview with three bowyers; Jerry Brumm, Dave Dwyer and Bill Forman, How to Make Massey-Styled Broadheads, Backpack and Backcountry Bowhunting, hunting mule deer, elk, whitetails, turkey and small game, and lots more . . . keep reading
Primal Stress Relief
By Annie Hays
It was 38 degrees outside my tent cot. I was wearing pajamas, wader liners, a jacket, gloves, wool socks, a blanket, and my sleeping bag. Essentially I was wrapped up like steaming hotdog, . . . keep reading
Defending Bowhunting and Why
By Dave Colavito
The Dec/Jan 2013 issue of TBM presented Sam Beuschel's well reasoned defense of trophy hunting immediately before the NEWS section. I don't know if such proximity was a decision based solely on ma . . . keep reading
Big Game
By Duncan Pledger
A futuristic story of hunting in the late 21st century. . . . keep reading
Losing the Heart and Soul of Hunting with the Bow and Arrow
By Bob Radocy
Paging through the November/December 2012 issue of Archery Business, I was struck by the prevalence of crossbow pictures, promotions, ads and related crossbow articles. . . . keep reading
Book Review: A Traditional Journey
Reviewed by Manuel S. Cervantes
Let me start by saying that if you are a traditional bowhunter, you need to read this book. It has all the elements a great traditional bowhunting book needs to have . . . keep reading
Submitting for Publication in TBM
By Don Thomas
Many of our regular readers have expressed interest in submitting their own material for possible publication in the magazine, and we welcome that. . . . keep reading
Screaming Mimi
By Robert Booth
The deer came with the night, riding the crest of darkness like a surfer in a pipeline, as the wave of evening swept down upon the woods drowning the landscape in ever diminishing sepia. It came as a ghost in the wake of the last shaft of light . . . keep reading
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