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Treestand Bow Holder
By R. A. Burgin, aka Blacksmith
I have devised an easy way to hold my bow upright and ready while I'm in a treestand. The bow holder is a rubber chair tip attached to the bottom of my treestand with a zip tie. Y keep reading

Mixed Bag
By Robin Conrads
This week we will have a variety of short tips: Hanging Targets, Anvil Pruners and Mark the Spot. keep reading

Paper Tuning
By Bic Ulrich
Now you can tell which end is the nock when bare shaft tuning arrows. keep reading

By Deed Cimperman
A slingshot can be very helpful in many bowhunting situations such as diverting a deer's attention; rousting a deer from heavy brush; hunting small game; strengthening your arms; and improving keep reading

Cutting Feathers
By Kevin Forrester
There are many ways to cut feathers before fletching an arrow, but this tip will also work when cutting feathers that are already on the shaft. Sometimes it is necessary to trim a lower profil keep reading

Final Touch
By Ed Pearch
I sharpen my broadheads until they can pass the sticky test: when the weight of the broadhead is balanced on a fingernail, and a small amount of force is applied, the edge sticks in place and does not keep reading

Blind Support
By Ray Lyon
The Midwest finally got its first heavy snowfall of the season. For those who use hub-style popup ground blinds, the above photo is a common--and potentially expensive--sight after the snowfal keep reading

Holiday Antler Wreath
Nick Nott
Here is one way to take that old elk or deer rack that's hanging from the garage rafters, and actually move it front and center into your home for the season. Just take the antlers and build a Christm keep reading

String Keeper
By Tim Roberts
I recently packed all my stuff for a move to Montana. When I got around to packing my bows, I noticed that a few of them were missing string keepers. One of them was my fishing bow, which rarely gets keep reading

Smoke-Cooked Duck
By Guy Perkins, Camp Chef
So, what does a traditional bowhunter do at the end of the bow season for big game when the cottontail rabbit numbers crash? Hunt ducks! What else? keep reading

Christmas Tree Cleanup
By Robin Conrads
We love to go to the forest and choose our own Christmas tree. This requires a permit from the local Forest Service office, as well as a thermos of cocoa, a sled, the dog, and warm clothes keep reading

Keep Your Feet Dry and Warm
Dutch in Salsbury, MD
You'll never guess what he uses keep reading

Quick Meals
By Michael Sperico
I found this tip in a recent Boys' Life Magazine my son was reading. I thought it would be a great way to keep an emergency meal available in your car or hunting pack. keep reading

My Cup of Tea
By Michael Witteveen
When I'm out for a day-long hunt, I usually carry a small pot, stove and insulated mug that all nest together. This is my light and fast backpacking set up. With this set I always have a way to heat water for a cup of tea or soup, and it has been a welcome addition on those cold, wet days. keep reading

Shooting High
By Don Thomas
Since it's whitetail season and a lot of us are hunting from trees, do you ever wonder why it's so easy to shoot too high from a treestand? keep reading

Treestep Wrench
By Rob Bingel
It's that time of year to move or hang treestands in our prime locations. Things might have changed since last year and that stand location isn't as promising. For properties and locations that allow screw-in treesteps, I've come up with a wrench that is not only useful for putting steps in, but also for easy removal. keep reading

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