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Take a Claw Hammer to Camp
Jeff Reiter
Make life easier by taking the tool that really does it's job. keep reading

Broadhead Wrench
By Rob Bingel
I have been shooting recurves for more than 50 years, and making Flemish bowstrings for decades. The other day I was tying on a bowstring nock... keep reading

Put Some Punch Into Your Carbon Arrows
By Nick Van Driel
Wood arrows are my favorite for most of my shooting, but in some hunting situations the consistency and strength of carbon make it a better choice. I like to use 600+ grain arrows for hunting. Brass i keep reading

Scent Control Ideas
By Marco Aguiar
To keep hunting clothes scent free, line a duffle bag with a large, heavy, commercial trash bag keep reading

Spring Cleaning
By Robin Conrads
After many long, grueling months of winter, spring is finally here: birds chirping, trees blooming, and me sneezing! T.J.'s office looks like a bomb went off, and we need to get some of this keep reading

Splitting Turkey Feathers
By Nick Van Driel
Spring turkey season provides us with the opportunity to collect some of the best feathers for fletching. Everyone has his favorite technique for processing feathers, and recently I found a keep reading

Homemade Emergency Fire Starters
Sammy Smallwood
Always be ready for those emergency times when you need a fire keep reading

Cutting Carbon Arrows
By Bobby Paquette
I have found an easy and economical way to cut carbon arrow shafts using a hacksaw blade. To get the perfect cut, drag the blade backwards, but don't move it forward. That will give you a clean cut wi keep reading

Tape Storage
By Ed Streit
When I head to the woods every fall, I always find a need for tape. I keep a roll of duct tape in the truck, and a small roll of electrical tape in my fanny pack. keep reading

Single Bevel Sharpening
by Joe Furlong, Tuffhead Broadheads
George M. wrote: How do you sharpen a single bevel broadhead, or convert a two-sided head into a single bevel? It is practically impossible to remake a two-sided broadhead into a keep reading

Sharpening Arrow
by Scott McKee
This may not be a new idea, but my friends and I use this method to safely sharpen screw-in broadheads. Cut an old arrow (aluminum or carbon) to about 8" long. Then wrap it heavily with black keep reading

Treestand Bow Holder
By R. A. Burgin, aka Blacksmith
I have devised an easy way to hold my bow upright and ready while I'm in a treestand. The bow holder is a rubber chair tip attached to the bottom of my treestand with a zip tie. Y keep reading

Mixed Bag
By Robin Conrads
This week we will have a variety of short tips: Hanging Targets, Anvil Pruners and Mark the Spot. keep reading

Paper Tuning
By Bic Ulrich
Now you can tell which end is the nock when bare shaft tuning arrows. keep reading

By Deed Cimperman
A slingshot can be very helpful in many bowhunting situations such as diverting a deer's attention; rousting a deer from heavy brush; hunting small game; strengthening your arms; and improving keep reading

Cutting Feathers
By Kevin Forrester
There are many ways to cut feathers before fletching an arrow, but this tip will also work when cutting feathers that are already on the shaft. Sometimes it is necessary to trim a lower profil keep reading

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