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Keep Your Feet Dry and Warm
Dutch in Salsbury, MD
You'll never guess what he uses keep reading

Quick Meals
By Michael Sperico
I found this tip in a recent Boys' Life Magazine my son was reading. I thought it would be a great way to keep an emergency meal available in your car or hunting pack. keep reading

My Cup of Tea
By Michael Witteveen
When I'm out for a day-long hunt, I usually carry a small pot, stove and insulated mug that all nest together. This is my light and fast backpacking set up. With this set I always have a way to heat water for a cup of tea or soup, and it has been a welcome addition on those cold, wet days. keep reading

Shooting High
By Don Thomas
Since it's whitetail season and a lot of us are hunting from trees, do you ever wonder why it's so easy to shoot too high from a treestand? keep reading

Treestep Wrench
By Rob Bingel
It's that time of year to move or hang treestands in our prime locations. Things might have changed since last year and that stand location isn't as promising. For properties and locations that allow screw-in treesteps, I've come up with a wrench that is not only useful for putting steps in, but also for easy removal. keep reading

Accuracy and Nock Fit
By Konrad Lau
Some years ago, I stumbled upon an accuracy tip that reduced my group sizes by 25%. The string I had initially purchased with my bow had a center serving that was beautifully done in an interesting checkered pattern. I was eventually disappointed when my arrow nocks began to wear through the serving keep reading

Traditional Harvest Photos
By T.J. Conrads
I get a lot of questions about how to submit a kill photo for the magazine. The Traditional Harvest pages are sponsored by Columbia River Knife and Tool i keep reading

97 Cent String Keeper
By Mark Plourde
I was shopping at the local warehouse store when I noticed these containers in a bin keep reading

Deer Calls ~ Accessibility is the Key!
By Ray Browell
Many traditional hunters use deer calls to entice a buck to come within shooting distance or to halt one that is prancing past, thereby enabling a shot at a standing animal. Calls are available that mimic nearly the entire range of a buck's vocalizations, and some imitate a bleating fawn or doe. Some calls are used throughout the season while others are more effective during the rut. keep reading

Swamp Roost
By Melvin Edwards
Here in the Southeast, bowhunters often find themselves hunting in swamps where the ground is wet, muddy, and infested with unfriendly, creepy-crawling critters. The way to escape these conditions for an overnight stay is to construct what I refer to as a swamp roost. For this tip, a picture is worth a thousand words. keep reading

Disposable Drop Cloth
By Chace Tavelli
Keeping meat clean while field dressing can be a real problem. Sometimes there is not a clean place to lay a skinned quarter before placing it into a game bag. Clean, sanitary meat handling in the field results in less time spent in the butchering process and better meat on the table. keep reading

Glow Sticks
By Michael Sperico
I do most of my deer hunting in the afternoon after work. When I shoot a deer late in the day I often have to trail it in low light conditions. keep reading

Bottling Meat
By Guy Perkins, Camp Chef
With the uncertainty of processed foods lately, there seems to be more interest in the process of canning, or as we call it, bottling. This is a great way to tame those tough cuts of venison to be used later for chili, stew or sandwiches keep reading

Take a Hike
By Robin Conrads
This week's newsletter is not really a "tip." I've been gone for five days scouting and camping with T.J., and I didn't have time to really put a tip together. One of the wonderful thi keep reading

Pallet Bow and Arrow Rack
By Doug Gray
My wife uses old wooden pallets to make a variety of items. While helping her with a recent project, it occurred to me that a pallet lends itself nicely to a rack for my bows and arrows. I keep reading

Fur Tracers
By Bruce Smithhammer
I've seen "fur arrow tracers" selling on some specialty sites for as much as $5 for enough material to wrap a dozen arrows. Instead, you can go to just about any fly shop (or some craft sh keep reading

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