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Traditional Bowhunter Magazine

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Tip of the Week Archives

Every week we email a free tip, technique, or strategy about traditional archery or outdoor activities.

The tips are short, to the point, and cover a wide range of subjects. To sign up for the tip of the week, use the sign-up form on the right.

We value your right to privacy, and we will never sell or share your email address with others, nor will we ever send you spam. Unsubscribe instructions are included with every tip.

Rebuild a Target
By Bill Calkins
To all my arrow slinging friends out there, here is my tip for rebuilding the center of foam targets. I shoot between 30 and 40 arrows a day, and replacing the center of a 3-D target gets expensive. . . . keep reading
Lowering Gear is a Snap
When I hunt from a treestand, I carry a 3/8" rope with two snap clips made of either plastic or metal. I offset them, so they are different lengths, which allows me to attach my pack on the bottom clip and my bow on the top clip . . . keep reading
Treestand Footrest
By Raymond Browell
Many treestands come with a footrest, or you can purchase one. These are typically a piece of bent metal that pivots on a mount of some sort. . . . keep reading
Pick A Spot
By Tim Roberts
I used to have a heck of a time shooting my arrows in tight groups during practice. I guess having a mind that likes to wander doesn't help. Focusing on my shooting was a real challenge until my friend, Neil Jacobson, made the suggestion that getting your mind to focus is an exercise that can be done anywhere. . . . keep reading
Light It Up!
By Joe Hundley
Here's a tip that gives you staying power when camping from your vehicle. I sometimes park my truck camper at the end of a road next to a roadless area. In order to save my battery when using the lights in my camper, I have converted all of the fixtures to LED bulbs. With all the lights on there is hardly any pull on the 12volt battery. . . . keep reading
Quick Fletching Repair
By Floyd (Bub) Wells
I have been known to carry the same set of cedar arrows for a long time. I cherish each one of them, build them with love and I am careful what I try to shoot. When asked how I keep them so long I simply reply . . . keep reading
Milkweed Wind Indicator
By Jim McInteer
Milkweed fluff is a great wind indicator. A few floating strands will let you see how the wind currents are moving in your area. Powder or string wind indicators are only good right where you are, but milkweed fluff floats through the air a long way, which gives you an excellent idea how the currents are moving in a larger area . . . keep reading
Mixed Bag
By Robin Conrads
This week we will have a variety of short tips. I hope one or two of these are helpful. Bandanas, beeswax, zip top bag, scent drag line . . . keep reading
BBQ Corn
By Guy Perkins, Camp Chef
Grilling season is just around the corner, and nothing tastes better than fresh corn on the cob. As a kid I liked corn on the cob, but I didn't (and still don't) like the chore of huskin . . . keep reading
Elastic Cuff Links
By Mark Schroeder
For most of the season, I dress in layers of clothing to meet the weather conditions. Before the weather turns really cold, the last layer I put on is my flannel or chamois shirt. . . . keep reading
Treestand Clothesline
By R. A. Burgin (Blacksmith)
As a member of the grey-haired group of bowhunters I prefer to hunt on the ground. For those who like treestands, I have an idea for a haul line that is always at hand and less likely to get tangled. . . . keep reading
Zip Tip
By David Petersen
Among the essential items I carry in my hunting pack are plastic zip top sandwich bags. I use them to stash the inevitable small bits of trash that accumulate during every hunt, including . . . keep reading
Keep Tabs on Your Tab
By Philip Cox
Are you are tired of trying to keep track of your shooting tab? Here is a little trick that I use. Sew a thin, 6-inch piece of Velcro to the top portion of the finger hole on the tab. When . . . keep reading
Archery Golf
By Guy Perkins, Camp Chef
Spring is just around the corner, and Archery Golf is a great way to stretch your legs and bow limbs. The basic idea is to set up target "pucks" at different distances with surrounding haz . . . keep reading
Stalking Feet
By Melvin Edwards
While trying to get just a little closer to the prey, many hunters take off their boots and continue in stocking feet. This does two things: it cuts down on the noise, and it makes you wal . . . keep reading
Bowstring Wax
By John G. VanDerWalker II
A Flemish bowstring needs to be waxed periodically to prevent fraying and keep it functioning well. I like to make my own bowstring wax. . . . keep reading
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