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Tip of the Week Archives

Every week we email a free tip, technique, or strategy about traditional archery or outdoor activities.

The tips are short, to the point, and cover a wide range of subjects. To sign up for the tip of the week, use the sign-up form on the right.

We value your right to privacy, and we will never sell or share your email address with others, nor will we ever send you spam. Unsubscribe instructions are included with every tip.

Arm Strength Enhancers
By Deed Cimperman
During the off season, or when shooting your bow isn't an option, you can strengthen your archery muscles using a simple tool that works for me. This arm strength enhancer is easy and econ . . . keep reading
Help For Cross Dominance
By Konrad Lau
My father dictated that I was to learn how to do all tasks right-handed, even though I am a lefty. Consequently, I now shoot right-handed but have a dominant left eye. It wasn't until I . . . keep reading
Tag Your Iron
By Guy Perkins, Camp Chef
I clearly remember the purchase of my first dutch oven. I didn't borrow Dad's; he didn't loan his unless he was there to oversee its use. After he passed I inherited one of his favorite 12-inchers, but I'm still a little miffed at my uncle for . . . keep reading
Keep Your Cooler, Cooler!
By Robin Conrads
To help foods stay frozen in your ice chest, freeze a brine solution in a reusable container and place it into the chest. A frozen brine solution is colder than ice and will keep food fro . . . keep reading
Cleaning Your Thermos
By Mike McKnight
I am not sure why I shined a light into the old stainless steel thermos after a recent hunt, but I did. To put it bluntly, it was beyond gross! The thermos has emotional attachment to me, as it belonged to my Dad and is quite old. It became my charge to get it clean. . . . keep reading
Toothbrush for Small Game Heads
By Dakota Fitzgerald
While small game hunting or stump shooting, I noticed that most blunts and small game tips have a tendency to get clogged with grass, dirt, mud, etc…. I'd take a shot and then spend a considerable . . . keep reading
Brace Height Check
By Dale Collins
In the field, and especially while hunting, I rarely carry my bow square. A while back I got into the habit of putting a thin black line at my brace height when I crest my arrows . . . keep reading
Donning Rain Pants
By Thurman Fuller
During hunting season in Indiana, the weather changes constantly. In order to be prepared for anything, I pack a light rain suit (Frogg Toggs) that takes up very little space and is easy t . . . keep reading
Eye Patch for Glassing
By Matt Oberholtzer
When using a spotting scope for lengthy glassing sessions---searching a hillside for an invisible group of elk, or searching the sagebrush flats for that trophy mulie or antelope--fatigue . . . keep reading
Solar Path Lights
By Mike Miller
I am an elk-aholic. I am away from camp--glassing, stalking or scouting--until the end of legal shooting time, so I generally get back to camp in the dark. A handful of solar powered "yard . . . keep reading
By Susan Moss
I think the simplest ideas are often the most useful. As I walk through the woods, stump shooting or even when I'm hunting, I gather peeling birchbark. Compressed to a depth of 1/2" and st . . . keep reading
Rotary Cutter for Feathers
By Harold Wagner
While getting ready to split some goose wing feathers, I went to the drawer for my utility knife and noticed my rotary cutter--a round razor blade with a handle. This is a very handy crafting tool . . . keep reading
Gifts for Traditional Shooters
By Robin Conrads
What to buy for the guy who has everything . . . keep reading
Free Online Course About Aldo Leopold
By The Aldo Leopold Foundation
This is an excerpt from The Aldo Leopold Foundation's November 2014 email newsletter: Have you heard of a MOOC? It stands for Massive Open Online Cours . . . keep reading
Inner Tube Silencers
By Charles Horton
Those of you who have hunted thirty-plus years may already know about these silencers. I do not recall who told me about them in the mid-sixties when I got my first Fred Bear recurve, but they were on . . . keep reading
Easy Stick-on Arrow Rest
By George D. Stout
For folks like me who like to use stick-on rests, here's a cheapie that is very easy to make. . . . keep reading
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