Sold Out Issues of Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine

This is where you will find the digital copies of Traditional Bowhunter's sold out issues. Many of these are impossible to find in print, but now you can read those stories and how-to articles that you've been looking for.

Things have changed a lot since these were published, but the articles are timeless. You might even recognize some great old harvest photos of friends or read a story by an author you are not familiar with. Some have passed on and some have moved on, but they are immortalized here in print for you to enjoy.

Premier Fall 1989 Premier Fall 1989
A Visit with G. Fred Asbell; Stone Points for Bowhunting; Doe Talking Could Change the Way Hunters Call Deer; Hunting: moose, mountain goat, caribou, elk; and much more...

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Winter 1989 Winter 1989
Lions of Hells Canyon, Interview with Jim Brackenbury, Late Season Whitetails, Is It Still Hunting the Hard Way?, How to: build wood arrows, make flemish strings keep reading

Spring 1990 Spring 1990
Gene Wensel's Thoughts on Broadheads, Interview with Jerry Brumm, Hunting: sitka deer, javelina, turkey; How to: dye barred feathers, make flemish strings (part 2) keep reading

Summer 1990 Summer 1990
Meet traditionalist Jay Massey, Glenn St. Charles remembers a special hunt, The North American Longbow Safari, Hunting bighorn rams, caribou and whitetail, How to: build your own recurve keep reading

Fall 1990 Fall 1990
Interview with Ron Robison, PBS Banquet review, Oregon National Blacktail Hunt, How to: buy a custom bow, Cross Dominance keep reading

Winter 1990 Winter 1990
Rattling whitetal deer, thoughts on instinctive shooting, meet Dick Robertson, the man behind "Stykbow", hunting; mule deer, whitetail, bighorn and elk keep reading

Spring 1991 Spring 1991
Glenn St. Charles speaks out, How To: wood arrows part 1, make footed shafts, hunting spring bear, caribou and Alaska Yukon moose keep reading

Summer 1991 Summer 1991
Interview with bowyer Dale Dye. What is the best time of day for whitetails? A look at fast flght strings; wood arrows part 2; how to make a deer skin quiver; meet Floyd Eccleston keep reading

Fall 1991 Fall 1991
Interview with Byron Ferguson, how to make your own broadheads, wood arrows part 3, hunting bear, caribou, whitetail deer

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Winter 1991 Winter 1991
Jim Brackenbury remembered, interview with Vern Butler, the fine art of scouting, making the switch to traditional, hunting with a fence post

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