Frequently Asked Questions

Robin Conrads, Webmaster

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to register as a member for some areas of this site?

Many areas of are free and available to all viewers. These include the Shopping Areas, Calendar of Events, Feature Articles, Outdoor News, Ashby Library and viewing Classified Ads. The areas that require a membership are protected so that we don't get spammers or anti-hunters posting hate speech or criticizing photos of animals. It just adds a level of accountability for people that are using the Photo Galleries and Campfire Forums.

Why don't I get the digital magazine free with my paid subscription?

We just aren't that sophisticated. Timing of expirations and renewals would require a lot of manual adjustments. Plus, a Premium Membership has a lot more benefits than just current issues. It includes 26 Sold Out issues that aren't available in print and a 10% discount in the shopping areas.

How do I just buy or renew my print subscription or buy merchandise and back issues?

In the green menu bar above, under the Subs & Merchandise heading you will see US, Canada and Foreign shopping carts. Click the one that applies to where the product(s) will be shipped and you will see the available items. This includes subscriptions, renewals, books, hats, shirts, and back issues that are available in print. There are two pages so be sure the click the "see more products > > > link.

Can I sell new products I make in the Classified Ads?

Members are welcome to sell used items at no charge. We charge a minimal monthly fee for commercial advertising, so we don't allow that for free in the classified ads. If you are interested in advertising on, the best deal is the Link Listing for $100 per year. We make a link to your site on the Advertiser Link List which is shown in the Right Column below the Bowyer's Search ads. We also welcome paid advertising through banners. For more information click here.

What is the Tip of the Week?

This is an email newsletter that has short tips that you might find useful. Some are directly related to traditional archery and some are just general use tips that everyone can use. To see past tips click view tip archives. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, and we welcome tips from readers if you have a short write up and a photo. Use the Contact Us link to submit a tip.

I have a different question that isn't covered here.

Please use the Contact Us link to ask any question that you might have.