The Trailhead - Beginning Your Traditional Journey

The beginning of a path in the woods is called the trailhead. It is where the journey begins. Sometimes you don't know where the path will take you, but others have blazed the trail before you and have left their mark for others to follow. Occasionally you meet them on the trail and exchange greetings, tips and hints or simply the enjoyment of company heading the same direction.

In this department you will find articles and how-tos that will help you on your journey into traditional archery. It will also give some ideas for how to share this journey with others that show an interest, whether they are kids, a church, school or 4-H group or the guys you used to shoot compounds with. Many articles will cover general hunting, archery and woodsmanship topics.

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Club Listings and Mentors
A listing by state of clubs and mentors that are willing to help new traditionalists. keep reading

Glossary of Archery Terms
The Traditional Bowhunter's Handbook, by T.J. Conrads lists common terms that are used in traditional archery. keep reading