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PLWA Receives Outdoor Life Open Country Award
Outdoor Life recently recognized the Public Land/Water Access Association (PLWA) as its non-profit of the year with its Open Country Award for PLWA's success in protecting and advancing access keep reading

Feb/Mar 2016 Feb/Mar 2016
Available through April. 20, 2016
Restoring Bear Archery Bows Part Two; A Visit With the Folks at Sitka Gear; Snakeskin Your Bow; Hunting: whitetails, elk, bear and pronghorn; and much more...

keep reading

Pausing Along the Way
Justin Thaxton
I'm sitting in our den next to the wood stove in what my wife, Valerie, and I fondly refer to as a "heat coma." The snow and bitter cold has me holed up so I read and work on a Sunday school lesson keep reading

Pan Roasted Venison Loin with Cranberry and Port Sauce
By Randy King
Honestly, I am not all that grateful for the Butterball turkey that I eat a small slice of each year. Nor the green beans, nor the stuffing. Those are from the store; I did nothing but buy the keep reading

Ducks, Politics, and Money
By Don Thomas
This issue is not about Don or his professional relationship with Ducks Unlimited magazine. It is about integrity and the future of wildlife in America. keep reading

Battered But Not Beaten
By Luke Johnson
I will never forget the second day of my first archery season. I was hunting a tract of land near the house of an old friend, and stalking along a closed logging road that bordered a clear cut. There keep reading

Dec/Jan 2016 Dec/Jan 2016
Available through Feb. 20, 2016
The Long History of the Short Bows Part II; Preventing Hypothermia; Restoring Bear Archery Bows; Wintertime Game Tactics; and much more...

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Mental Preparation
By Kevin Wigington
Hunter athletes seems to be the new catch phrase, and there is a lot of emphasis on hunter fitness. I myself try to train for the annual hunt out west by running, lifting, and attempting to rid my keep reading

Universal Consideration and Hunting
By Ryan W. Theiler
There has been much debate about moral consideration, that is, what entities are to be considered as worthy of moral consideration. Perhaps the most famous, and relevant to hunting, are the animal keep reading

Public but Private
by Randy King
It is not a big patch of ground, but it is my patch…kind of. You see, I am willing to walk longer, crawl farther and basically put up with a bunch of access BS to get to the land. My tenacity gets keep reading

Refund Policy
We'd love to think that everyone is happy with our products, and if you are not, we'd like to hear about it. From time to time we are asked ab . . . keep reading

Change of Address for Print Subscription
Change your address on your print subscription. . . . keep reading

Club Listings and Mentors
A listing by state of clubs and mentors that are willing to help new traditionalists. . . . keep reading

Glossary of Archery Terms
The Traditional Bowhunter's Handbook, by T.J. Conrads lists common terms that are used in traditional archery. . . . keep reading